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Alex' Birthday

Submitted by nick on Sun, 03/18/2007 - 13:43

Alex' birthday was yesterday (yup, St. Patrick's Day!), and he had a fabulous time. We had a party at our house, and he got to pick 6 friends from school to come. Instead of a cake, we roasted marshmellows on the deck and had smores. :) My primary job for the party was to make the fire and then babysit it... Heh. But it was a nice day to sit out on the deck, and I was relieved of all other responsibilities (other than taking a few pictures) so that was fine with me.

New Car

Submitted by nick on Mon, 03/05/2007 - 08:04

Heh - well, the body shop called and my car is totaled after all. They said it was too close, too many repairs. I went to the shop and said my farewells to the millennium boat - as well as got my garage door opener and my Express Toll Pass. :-P

Tax Time

Submitted by nick on Thu, 03/01/2007 - 23:45

Guh! I just got done doing my taxes. What a way to spend a couple hours... Fun stuff. My refund was huge ($6K) so I think I need to do a little adjusting on my W-4 form at Solekai...

I had a thought about my car - why not have the best of both worlds?? I was secretly hoping that my Intrepid would be totaled so I could buy a little convertible. But now that they're fixing the Dodge, I'm starting to think I could buy a little convertible anyway... Hmm... Nothing too new (or too pricy), but maybe a 96 Miata or something...

(Evil Grin)


Submitted by nick on Wed, 02/28/2007 - 17:39

My Intrepid R/T lives! At least, in theory... I talked to the body shop yesterday, and although there is a lot of damage, the car has held its value well enough to make it worthwhile to fix. :) I love that car, but part of me was wishing it'd be totaled. I had been looking at new cars, and now the R/T has this subconscious stigma associated with it since I broke it...

New Website

Submitted by nick on Mon, 02/26/2007 - 21:48

I've created a new website that I hope will fill my needs better than the old one. Hopefully, since it is easier to modify I'll keep it up-to-date more often. ;) My old website is still available. I'll likely migrate the wiki content to the new site, but all the rest of the old content will rest in peace where it lies. Onward and upward!