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Submitted by nick on Wed, 02/28/2007 - 17:39

My Intrepid R/T lives! At least, in theory... I talked to the body shop yesterday, and although there is a lot of damage, the car has held its value well enough to make it worthwhile to fix. :) I love that car, but part of me was wishing it'd be totaled. I had been looking at new cars, and now the R/T has this subconscious stigma associated with it since I broke it...

But now I'm used to the idea of having the R/T back. It'll be clean, in good working order, I'll install my computer again, and I'll still be zipping around with a surprising 225 HP. ;) (Not to mention the sports tires, killer transmission, etc.). Hell, maybe I'll even talk the shop into an oil change and filter replacements while it's there!

Bad news is that it will take at least two weeks from today until the car is taken care of, so I'll be bummin' rides and renting cars until then... In a related note, I just added "free rental car" to my insurance policy for next time. :-P