The Outer Banks

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Submitted by nick on Tue, 08/14/2007 - 06:53

We're on vacation in the Outer Banks (Corolla, in North Carolina, if you want to look it up), and loving it! Christie rented a house pretty close to the beach and a bunch of her family came to stay for a week. The beach is pretty nice - it is hot, but the water is cool.

We got to see our friends Abe and Amelia a couple days ago, and that was great cause we haven't seen them for about three years (since Zach's wedding). We had some lunch, a couple beers, and then went on a nature walk. Amelia is about to have a baby (her due date was a few days ago), so that's exciting!

We took some pictures with Abe and Amelia here:…

And here are some pictures of us at the beach, and some family pictures with Christie's family:

That's all for now. Except more, since there's internet up at the beach house, and I have a lot of free time to write entries. :)