Nick's Hobbies

This is a list of Nick's hobbies and associated information that I like to track.



Certified FTO Green Coffee Beans (cache)

Sweet Maria Home Roasting and Supplies (cache)

Coffee Bean Corral (cache)

Brew Organic

Dad's Hawaii Coffee Company

Coffee Source Roast Stars Description
Ethiopian FTO Yirgacheffe -Oromia Coop BrewOrganic Lt to Full City Roast 5 One of our favorites
Mexico Chiapas BrewOrganic Med to Full City 4 Good flavor, medium taste, not too spicy
Timor Maubesse BrewOrganic Light to Espresso 4 Lots of Caffeine!! Nick likes, Christie not so much
Hue hue tenango BrewOrganic Needs darker roast 2.5 Spicy, not as good
Nicaragua Matagalpa BrewOrganic Med to Dark French 2 Lots of Chaffe, doesn't all come off. Roast is long and difficult
Costa Rica Gaucamayo Arenal BrewOrganic Med to French UNKNOWN Not Tried Yet
Ethiopian FTO Yirgacheffe - Dry-Process SweetMarias City+ to Full City+ UNKNOWN JUST ORDERED
Mexico FTO Chiapas -Special Lot link SweetMarias City+ to Light Vienna UNKNOWN JUST ORDERED
Timor FTO Peaberry (Maubesse) link (cache) SweetMarias City Roast UNKNOWN JUST ORDERED
Guatemala Huehue FTO -Asasapne Coop link SweetMarias City+ to Full City UNKNOWN JUST ORDERED










Photography Links

This is a set of links for useful pages on photography.

Flash photography with Canon EOS:

My Photography Equipment

I can never remember the exact details of my equipment, so I've posted it up here for reference.

Canon EOS 6D
20.2 Megapixel
Uses EF Lenses Only
No built-in flash

Canon 28-135mm IS USM Macro lens
3.5 - 5.6 Aperture
72mm filter size
Promaster 72mm Lens hood
72mm lens cap
72mm circular polarized filter (on order)

Sigma150-600 Contemporary Lens
5 - 6.3 Aperture
Canon EF mounting
95mm filter size
Image Stabilization

Tamron AF 70-300mm Macro lens
4 - 5.6 Aperture
62mm filter size
Promaster 62mm CIR-PL circular polarized filter
62mm lens cap

Canon 50mm lens
1.8 Aperture
49mm filter size
Promaster 52mm CIR-PL circular polarized filter
49mm lens cap

52m filter for old 55mm lens

Canon 18-55mm USM lens
3.5 - 5.6 Aperture
58mm filter size
Promaster 58mm CIR-PL circular polarized filter
58mm lens cap

Canon Speedlite 430EX II
Zoom Flash 24 - 105mm
Maximum Guide Number 141 ft./43m at ISO 100
Light diffuser


Battery Charger

Three rechargeable batteries

Four extra flash AA batteries

Lens blower

Lens pen

Microfiber cloth

Multipurpose Card Reader